Downgrade/Upgrade Airports Firmware

Many of you may find it difficult to downgrade the firmware version on your Airtport Express, Airport Extreme, or Time Capsule and that's because Apple has hidden the downgrade option on purpose. Normally upgrade is what folks want.

But sometimes an upgrade just doesn't work out for you and going back to the previous version as a good known configuration is what you want. Here's how:

1. Using Mac OSX
- Start the Airport Utility (If it's hard to find it in Applications, you can just search for it)
- Click on the device you want to downgrade, a short summary pops up
- Hover the mouse over the version number
- Press the "Option" key on your keyboard
- The version number now has an additional arrow next to it allowing you to click and select previous versions that were designed for that specific device type.

2. Using iOS device
- Go to App Store and download the free app "Airport Utility"
- Connect to you Wifi network
- Launch it and it will auto discover all the Airport/Time Capsule devices
- Touch the device of your choice
- Touch "Version"
- If a newer version is available, you'll see "Download and Install"

You see here, my current version is 7.6.3 and I'm being recommended to upgrade to 7.6.4
- You will also see an option for "Older Versions", touch it
- A list of previous versions that work will this device will show up
- Select the version of your choice, and go back to the previous screen
- Touch "Download and Install"

Now my device is running a previous firmware version 7.6.1

3. Using Windows PC

My apologies!
I haven't owned a Windows PC for a long while and do not have the tool to demonstrate this. I've heard that it's not that easy to find the downgrade option there as well. If anybody has instructions (screenshot is even better), it would be nice to share. Thanks!

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